Complex Liver & Pancreatic Cancer Surgery 

Surgery to remove a part of the liver is a partial hepatectomy. This is done to remove areas of the liver that contain cancer. Surgery on the pancreas is often complicated by the position of the tumour as well as the neighbouring structures involved. Extended resections with vascular reconstructions can be performed to enable complete removal of the pancreatic tumours.  Read More

Irreversible Electroporation(NanoKnife® - Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment)
Irreversible Electroporation
A/Prof Haghighi has been at the forefront of this technology, performing the first open pancreatic Nanoknife procedure in Australia.

The utilization of this technology has given new options to individuals deemed unsuitable for otherwise conventional treatments. Read More 

A/Prof. Koroush HaghighiM.B.B.S (Adl) F.R.A.C.S (Syd) F.A.C.S

A/Prof Koroush Haghighi is a specialist Hepatopancreatobiliary and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, as well as a Transplant Surgeon at the Prince of Wales and St Vincent Public and Private Hospitals.

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A/Prof. Koroush Haghighi
  • A/Prof. Haghighi has undergone specialized training and has extensive experience in managing complex liver, pancreatic and bile duct cancers.
  • Fellowship in liver, pancreatic and transplant surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Fellowship in abdominal multi-organ transplant at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America.
A/Prof. Koroush Haghighi is an expert in liver and pancreatic surgery

A/Prof. Koroush Haghighi has extensive experience in complex and extended resections requiring major vascular reconstructions.